Life Insurance Agent

Life Insurance Agent is Easy if you follow this 3 steps

Life insurance Agent offers you the opportunity to earn a high income in a recession-resistant industry. In addition, surrogates reap other benefits, such as the personal satisfaction they feel when handing a check to a family who has just lost a loved one. With the right training and experience, and through sheer persistence, you can become a life insurance agent and experience that satisfaction for yourself.

Get the right education and training as Life Insurance Agent

Life Insurance Agent 

Earn a 4-year university degree in a related field. 

While most life insurance agencies have no formal educational requirements, many prefer to hire college graduates. Consider earning a degree in a related field to make yourself a more competitive candidate.

Examples might include fields related to marketing, business or management degrees.

Any degree or certificate that demonstrates your familiarity with the principles of marketing, business and finance will make you a more competitive and qualified candidate.


Determine if you need to take a pre-licensed course. 

Most states require life insurance agents to complete a training course before being licensed. Learn about your state’s licensing and education requirements by contacting the relevant government department (for example, the Department of Insurance).

Find out if you should complete a minimum amount of classroom instruction in areas like life and health insurance, and ask if your state has a list of approved life insurance education providers whose training you should complete.

Ask about continuing education requirements. For example, how often should you renew your license and what courses should you complete before renewing?


Register for pre-authorization courses and complete as necessary. 

Register and complete a pre-licensing course if required in your state. Be sure to complete the program at a state-approved educational institution.

Most states, such as Nebraska and California, will post all relevant information about course requirements, including a list of pre-approved providers, on the Department of Insurance website.

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Prospective agents are typically required to complete a 20-hour course, of which 7.5 hours must be completed in person. Typical course fees may range from $100 to $200.


Take the state insurance licensure exam.

After completing the program, apply to your state’s Department of Insurance to take the licensure exam. You can register to take the test online or by phone, but you will need to take the test in person at an official test center.

This exam will test your general knowledge of insurance-related policies and state laws, as well as general knowledge of insurance concepts and terms. Ask the agency that handles licensing and education for insurance agents for a list of recommended study pathways to help you pass the exam.

The test can be completed in a period of several hours, and you will be charged a small convenience fee for taking the test at the test center.

as Life Insurance Agent

Gain relevant experience as Life Insurance Agent


Build experience relevant to becoming a life insurance agent. 

Most insurance companies train their new agents, so prior industry experience is usually not required. However, having experience in similar types of jobs will enhance your application and set you apart from the competition.

For example, you can develop relevant skills, including communication, interpersonal skills and persistence, by working as a used car salesperson.

Life insurance agents meet people from all walks of life and in all emotional states, including after the death of a loved one. Consider volunteering in a nursing home to gain useful experience in interpersonal communication in this area.


Volunteer in your community Part of success as a life insurance agent depends on making connections within your community. Get involved in community outreach and volunteering in your area to help strengthen these connections and improve your interpersonal communication skills.

Since life insurance agents often work with seniors and patients, consider volunteering in a nursing home or nursing home. This will help you feel more comfortable talking about death and develop the communication skills you need to sell life insurance.

Volunteer with an organization, go door-to-door or talk to people on the street to help you overcome any persistent fears of public speaking or approaching strangers.


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Find an internship with an insurance company. 

Find opportunities to move up the career ladder in a management or training position in an insurance company. This can help you get into a company in a huge way.

Contact your insurance company directly to learn more about these opportunities. You should also regularly check the company’s job listing website, as they can post job opportunities for interns or other entry-level employees there.

Try to be hired as a potential agent by an insurance company that offers on-the-job training and compensates you during the training. Although the majority of applicants never pass the screening stage, those admitted to the company’s training program receive substantial experience and financial support as they study their industry.


Find a job as an Life Insurance Agent


Research institutes and companies you might want to work for. 

Before submitting your application, determine which agencies are best for you (eg, they are well-located, offer competitive benefits to employees, etc.). Also check to make sure you are eligible for employment with each company.

For example, many companies have additional requirements for job applicants or agents after hiring. Make sure you understand any additional responsibilities some companies have on insurance agents.

Some agencies will also hire you before you get a license. Consider applying to these companies before taking your licensure exam to get a head start in your career.

To learn more about a company’s assets, visit Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s’ Insurance Ratings website. Companies with ratings lower than “A” tend to receive more complaints against them and may not be the right place for you to work.


Create a competitive resume The resume you submit as part of your application should highlight all the qualities you possess that will make you a better life insurance agent. These qualities include perseverance, initiative, and beginners.

If you’ve built your own business or grown someone else’s business in a significant way, include it on your resume to reflect your entrepreneurial spirit.

Any job, educational achievement, or other achievement that faces significant obstacles should be included on your resume to show your grit and perseverance. Both are absolutely necessary qualities for a life insurance agent.


Applicable to a wide range of companies. 

You should apply to as many companies as possible to get the best job opportunities. The more applications you have, the better your chances of getting a great job opportunity at a company you love to work for.

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If they do not have any active positions, contact insurance and brokerage firms for information on employment opportunities. Even if they are not currently trying to find new employees, they may still want to hire you.

Use online job sites like and Craigslist to search for job opportunities in your area.

You should also post your resume on candidate search sites like LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter. Companies may contact you to offer you a job!


Follow up on your order. 

Following up on your application by phone is a great way to demonstrate your perseverance. In fact, many companies won’t even consider hiring a potential agent if they don’t call to ask about their requirements.

On the phone, thank the employer for their interest, provide any additional information that might help with the hiring decision, and be sure to leave a phone number where they can reach you.

Make follow-up calls weekly until you hear one or another answer to your request.


Show your persistence and initiative in the interview. 

Talk about your enduring and entrepreneurial qualities during the interview, and make it clear that you’re not the type to give up difficult tasks easily.

For example, you might tell a story about an experience in your life (for example, starting your own business) where you persevered and refused to give up on your goals when faced with difficult obstacles. A personal account is very compelling and will help the interviewer understand who you are as an individual, not just an application.

Describing your experience running a business is also a great way to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit.

Some key qualities to highlight in an interview include perseverance, focus, courage, and a genuine passion for helping others. In addition to being a salesperson, life insurance agents are also people who care about the best interests of their clients.

Good life insurance agents face a lot of rejection at work and often have to step out of their comfort zone to sell. During the interview, talk about how optimistic and courageous you would be if you were hired to demonstrate that you are capable of continuing the job.

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